Her er jeg nu – En fortsættelse fra et tidligere indlæg

Kategorier Tanker fra en Psykisk syg

Jeg skrev engang et indlæg med et digt omkring mit liv. Nu er jeg endelig blevet klar til at tilføje endnu et par vers til digtet.

It seemed like my life were without feelings called love,
but then I remembered I have a feeling sort of.
Cause I got friends who deserve diamonds as big as rocks,
and I got a family who deserves gold in size of a truck.
They fill me up with joy,
with happiness and laughs,
and if I forget that,
I have thousands of photographs.

Cause it’s those people I mentioned above,
Who adds up my life with feelings called love.
and that feeling I feel inside is a love I can’t deny.
And that is the feeling who makes my heart fly.
And though I thought that I would find a love,
I looked at my diamonds and all the gold that I got.
And now I can say that I’m okay with THAT,
as long as it’s not replaced by a HAD.

So I’ve learned that my life has a million kinds of joy,
and the funny thing is, that I actually met a boy.
He has brown hair of wood and green-blue forest eyes,
He is two meters high and he makes my heart flies.
But though I found a love,
a love that makes me high.
I still can’t forget the love,
as I experienced die.

Cause I learned that even though I always love the love of mine,
they seem to stop loving the sound of my whine.
And this has happen 2 times before,
and now I’m scared that it wan’t stop anymore.
But I still have a dream,
a dream that I deem.
Dream of being succeed,
so the heart of mine again will beat.

So when I think about the last love of my life,
it’s like I’ve seen the biggest love from both of the side.
The first real love and the love of my life,
but the love I forgot is the love who is right.
And it seems like it’s that one,
that I’m experiencing right now.
So it’s true what they say: “number three is the lucky one”,
and suddenly it feels like I actually won.